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Welcome to London Pest Solutions Ltd

London Pest Solutions Ltd is a London based company the principal objective is to render a professional pest eradication service to clients in London and surrounding districts, including giving advice and helping to eliminate rodents, insects and other pest infestations by utilising our proven methods and techniques.

Our qualified and professional experts are capable to eliminate pests and give advice on what you ought do in order that you don’t experience a reoccurrence of pests within your home. London Pest Solutions will assist you to enjoy life, without the need to concern yourself about pests in your household.

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London PEst Solurions Ltd takes all major cards

Why Us?

24/7 call out service

London Pest Solutions Ltd company provides you with a 24/7 call out Pest Control Service throughout Central London and Greater London.

1 Hour response

We take each callout seriously and endeavour to be with you within one hour of your call. Our team of pest control professionals cover residential and commercial premises within London.

Guaranteed treatments

On most of our pest control treatments we give our clients a warrantee assuring them that if the problem prevails, we would come back free of charge. 

Reasonable rates

Our rates are competitive and comparatively inexpensive to everybody who needs to eradicate the pest problem. 

Free estimates

Our estimate are free and if we can’t give you an precise cost when you call, we will then come to you and quote you free of charge. 

Fully insured

Our pest control company is fully insured and certificated.

Member of 'NPTA'

We are full member of NPTA National Pest Technicians Association

Pest control inspection report

After the treatment, we’ll supply an inspection written report detailing the details of the pest treatment and chemicals used.

We provide the best range of pest control services

Residential pest control in London

Residential infestations may include: rats and mice inside your house, cockroaches in your kitchen, bed bugs in any of your bedrooms, fleas and moths in your carpets and even wasps swarming outside of your property. Our pest control London company can guarantee quality pest control service at reasonable prices. We maximum need 1 hour to respond any of your emergency calls. Our well-trained specialists are always aware about health and safety aspects when carrying out the treatments making sure that there is no harm or risk caused to your children, pets and yourself. Our specialists always use only approved products and materials.

Commercial pest control in London

Our company is taking responsibility for all the treatments which were offered and guarantees you a long term solution to your problem. Also, we offer a free survey where we will be able to identify the pests and work out the correct course of action which will be needed to eradicate the infestation completely.

  • To eliminate bed bugs in your home, our professional exterminators will first discover all potential places that the bugs re hiding in. This might require the removal of skirting boards adjacent to the bed area as well as headboards, maybe even wardrobes. Of course all bed linen blankets should be laundered on a very hot cycle. These should then be packed into sealed plastic bags, until our men have completed their work. After our men have completed the treatment, the room should be closed. And there must be no admittance for minimum of four hours.

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  • Rats are simpler to eradicate than the previous pests, as they are easier to locate inasmuch that they leave trails. There are various treatment for rats. We at times use a combination of traps and tamper proof lure bases containing poisoned food. This comprises of a two step procedure for a period of two weeks after which the rats should be completely eradicated. During this time, we will also be able to give you advice on certain remedies to apply to close all access to your home, so the rats have no entry point into your home.

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  • A few species of ants are advantageous, killing actual pests such as fleas and bed bugs, the ants that you are likely to find in your home don’t transmit disease or likely to harm you and your family. Ants are driven by their desire to find food, so it is a good idea not to leave scraps of food that they are able to bring to their nest. If after this, you are still bothered by them. There is a simple solution; that is to call London Pest Control and soon your problem will be gone.
  • Our professionals would normally begin by attempting to locate areas where the roaches are most likely to be hiding and lay special tape and traps which contain a sticky solution. They will then be able to ascertain the precise location of the infestation. once this is achieved a residual spray will be applied; this results in stunting the growth hormones and break their life-cycle. Special solution will also be applied in areas such as fissures and cracks ensuring that there are no further outbreaks.
  • Anthills usually are very widespread inside but normally do have a very narrow look outside. If they are safe it is better to leave them alone and if they are dangerous our pest control London company will effectively treat them with a professional spraying. A real problem might be if you have an anthill inside your house. In this case pest control experts in London can help to eradicate nest sites and provide a barrier to insect entry.
  • We would recommend a comprehensive procedure to eradicate fleas from your premises. Because they have probably infested many places, such as carpets, upholstery and other fabrics you have. We apply the most modern procedures using appropriate insecticides, these will stunt the hormones that triggers reproduction and very quickly will eradicate them from your home. Our professionals will advise you on what you can do not to have a recurring problem.
  • Our Pest control London company offers a possibility to our customers to treat sLondon Pest Control Ltd; provides wasp and hornet treatments. Clients may be able to treat small hives themselves by purchasing a specialist aerosol treatment from us. But larger hives, should only be treated by our professional; as special clothing and precautions need to be taken.. They construct their hives mostly during the summer months. At late summer they can become more belligerent if their hives are tampered with. It is advisable that their hives are destroyed, as the problem will not disappear. For treating larger colonies and their hives, professional insecticides are required.
  • We are all aware of the mess and damage created by certain birds; namely seagulls and pigeons. We have all experience this at sometime. There are several methods we employ to deter them from habiting your property. The most common are, sprung pins and special constructed patterns using thin nylon line. If you are having such problems, contact us and we are certain that we will be able to assist you.