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Case studies

Assisting in maintaining London 2012 sites clear of pests

London Pest Solutions were delighted and proud to have been involved in the control of pests at various locations during the London Olympiad.
The problems that were of special worry were mice, rats and common ants. The preventative measures used, included installing bait stations in strategic areas. Gummy insect detectors positioned in suitable areas. Periodic inspections were followed up by our professionals, in the run up to the games and during the various events.
London Pest Solutions were also called in to provide pest control services for several food areas; this was most challenging and rewarding, knowing we had achieved the required safety standards for these areas.
Environmental Services, invited us to tender for this work because of some first-class work we accomplished previously for a prominent theme park. It was a important accolade to be connected in the games with this process and knowing that our endeavours assisted in maintaining the wellbeing of participants and spectators.

Investigative skills used to resolve a bed bug problem

London Pest Solutions Ltd. Were called in to investigate and resolve a severe bedbug infestation at a large block of apartments in London.
Fifteen of 150 apartments in the in southwest London suffered infestation. It was necessary to find the root cause of the infestation prior to us commencing the correct solution to eradicate the problem.
Our professional and qualified team searched the apartments and established that an extremely serious infestation in one of the apartments.
The initial report from our staff indicated that the problem was utterly horrific. The old lady who resided the apartment had virtually gotten resistant to the bugs and their bites. She was actually living with them! It constituted the most abominable infestation we have seen in fifteen years. It was ascertained that the problems in the rest of the affected apartments were connected to this apartment.
To eradicate the infestation, our professional team had to virtually strip the apartment, which included taking away completely the carpeting’s and removing all the contents. The apartment then underwent a complete redecoration.
If you believe you may suffer with a bedbug problem, contact us for a free inspection or quotation to solve your problem. We’re your local experts.

Dealing with rats that are immune

Wherever rodents flourish, they will spread disease, spoil food stocks, gnaw at unprotected electric wires and can even be the reason for structural damage, let alone jeopardise the repute of commercial enterprises.
London Pest solutions Ltd. Are well qualified to deal with all types of rodents. The owner’s of a large horse stables and stud, located in Surrey, needed our expertise in order to resolve a problem with rodenticide immune rats.
Resistance to the widely used poisons, has now become a developing problem. We are frequently required to try out a numerous variants of treatments to find the appropriate one that is effective with a individual colony of rodents.
Our works manager has years of experience accomplishing the eradication of rats, which genuinely assisted us in solving the infestation. Needless to say, our client was thrilled that we were able to resolve the rat problem.
Resistance what does it mean?
Different parts of the United Kingdom experience large population of rats and rodents with a inherited immunity to the most widely utilised poisonous substances. These decoagulants have been in use for decades, but a lot rats are now immune to these poisonous substances and, as they have endured, their descendents now possess the identical immunity. During the past twenty years the problem of immune rats has multiplied.
Experts state that although there could originally have been a smaller number of resistive rats in many cities and particularly rural areas, they now represent a substantial proportion of the population. In the South and the South West of England were they appearing to flourish the most.
In order to eradicate these immune colonies, we employ more potent poisonous substances. But these pesticides must be employed in stringently contained conditions. And only by experienced professionals.

London Pest Solutions.. To the rescue

London Pest solutions Ltd. was contacted by the maintenance manager of a large apartment building in South London. The block consisted of 126 flats. We were called in after some other pest control company were unsuccessful in solving a critical infestation of pharaoh ants.
Each apartment in the building required processing to eradicate the infestation. With their usual expertise our professionals carried out the treatment, quickly, efficiently and with little disruption to the occupants of the flats. The maintenance manager was delighted with our achievement and how well we carried out the task, that he accorded us a standing contract for additional treatments that may be required in the future.
The flats had suffered with this problem for a long time. The method in resolving the problem constituted firstly, finding the queen ant, which normally will stay in one location. A special growth hormone was used, the worker ants collect this hormone and bring it back to the colony, it is eaten by the queen and her larvae. The chemicals used forestall the larvae from maturing and in addition desexualises the queen and winged males over a period of time. We were very gratified to be capable in solving this persistent problem.
Pharaoh ants the facts.
Pharaoh ants originate from the tropics. They thrive in temperature of 18c and 30c this being the optimum temperature that they breed. Ants will dwell warm locations, as near to heating boilers and thrive near to heating pipe work.
There are no known diseases related to Pharaoh ants but, because of their tiny size, they’re capable of entering virtually all secure packaging. Meaning, they are capable to pollute food products. With pathogens picked up while travelling through buildings.
The worker ant is about two millimetres long. Worker ants are normally the ones that you can see. They search food, attend to the offspring, and guard the colony from undesirable visitors. Worker ants are reddish and are wingless. The queen ants have wings, but do not fly. The winged males are the ones that mate with the queens.
Colonies are normally constructed in any fissure and are frequently situated deep inside the substructures, ducting and wall cavities of buildings. The size of the colony is influenced by the quantity of usable space. Pharaoh ants will feed upon just about anything, preferring sugary and protein based food products.

A clothes factory infested by moths

Pest control contracts vary, one of our most unusual, was when we were called by the manager of a clothing factory. He had discovered a few moths in the warehouse storeroom. The factory stored completed garments and rolls of various types of fabric. We conducted our initial survey, only to find that the warehouse was heavily infested with clothes moths.
Of course spraying the clothes and fabric with chemicals wasn’t a choice. We had to quickly find a remedy that would resolve the infestation as speedily as possible and prevent additional damage.
It was determined that we needed to process the garments and premises individually and using the method of temperature reduction for the garments, would be the most effective choice. The answer was to rent a spacious freezer vehicle. The deep freezer was filled with the finished garments. Our team of professionals then started work spraying the now emptied warehouse and storeroom. After a few days, the garments were extracted from the deep-freezer.

The mature moths do no damage whilst feasting. It’s the larvae, which when they incubate from the gummy eggs that feed on the fabric; choosing woolen bedding, woolen carpeting and articles of clothing.
Once hatched they are very small wingless and worm like, they are able to spin a hiding place of loose glossy and silky covering, under which they feast. As they feed they attach fibers of the food they are eating, in order to disguise themselves.
Clothes moths choose exclusively the most non-synthetic products. Such as cashmere, lambs wool, fleece and fur.
Frequently, by the time they’re identified, they’ve already caused lots of damage.

Mouse Infestation….a serious health hazard!

London Pest solutions Ltd. Were contacted by the maintenance manager of a fairly large hotel in South London, he explained that he had a recurring mouse problem. The hotel management had contracted a pest control company, but after several months, the problem had not been eradicated. On the morning of his call a guest had actually seen a mouse run across the dinning room floor whilst she was having breakfast.
Our rodent investigator was sent to appraise the situation and he reported that there were several places that could be where the mice had set up home. The problem he believed was of course that there was ample food source for the mice in the food store room and that also the kitchen area being a newer building was constructed with suspended ceilings. An idyllic hide out for mice.
At nighttime the mice would come out to scavenge, then in the mornings tracks of their excretions around the storage room and around the food preparation areas.
Once the true location of the infestation was identified it was a simple matter for our team to solve the long standing problem; once and for all.
The actual trouble with rodents is that they pollute even the food that they don’t consume. Numerous diseases are transferred by both rats and mice. Their gnawing of wires has been known to create electrical fires.
At wintertime, mice and rats will move inside for shelter and food. It’s crucial to seek skilled advice to effectually eradicate them. Rodents possess a well acquired sense of smell, they are able to distinguish chemicals in food, discouraging them away from traps and baits. If you think you may have a rodent problem. It is essential to seek expert advice from London Pest Solutions Ltd.

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