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Ant control in London

Whenever you are searching for ant control London there is a premier company who specialises in eradicating ant infestations in the London area. Or possibly you would like to discourage ants from getting into your household or business, we can help. London Pest Solutions are the predominant London provider in assessing, treating and preventing ants from entering households and business premises.

London Pest Solutions have qualified technicians who can identify the species of ants and execute the treatment needed to eliminate them, with their ant control London program. The most common species of ants that perhaps you will encounter in your premises is the black garden ant Lasius Niger and Pharaoh Ant Monomorium pharaonis.

The pharaoh ant is a small ant approx 2mm; yellowish to a light brown in colour, it is almost transparent and infamous for being the most common indoor pest. Its origins are uncertain, although it is thought to originate in West Africa and Indonesia. There is no known disease related to pharaoh ant but, since their size, they are able to enter just about all types of packaging. Thereby they’re capable of contaminating foodstuffs, with pathogens picked up whilst moving through buildings.

The pharaoh ant has gradually spread to just about every country including Europe, North and South American continents, Australasia and south-east Asia. Pharaoh ants are a tropical species but they also seem to flourish in any building, even in colder areas, especially if they have some form of heating. London Pest Solutions carry out ant control London and all its regions.

The more familiar black garden ant Lasius Niger is a formicine ant and species of the subgenus Lasius; they have established themselves in Europe and many areas of the United States of America and Asia. The queen phenotype is 7 to 9 mm long, the worker is much smaller and approx 4mm, they are dark brown colour to nearly black in colour. Their nest will have one queen. Each nest can have approx 15000 worker ants but 4000 to 7000 is typical; the queen can survive for approximately 12 years.

The nest that may be encountered in the garden is probably greater than is visible aboveground; consequently it is advisable that an effective professional treatment employed. But if feasible it’s advisable to leave them alone, particularly if they do not a represent a health risk. Inside the building a colony will turn out to represent a bigger problem to eradicate. But if you want to undertake the job yourself, London Pest Solutions have numerous preparations available that can assist your ant control London, enabling you to eliminate their nest and put up a barrier stopping the ants entering to your building.

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