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Squirrel control London

Are you having problems with squirrel on your premises?

Whenever you are seeking a company that are able to supply squirrel control and elimination service in the London areas, you have reached the company with the experience to deal with your problem quickly and humanly.

London Pest Control is among the leading providers for controlling pest in and around the London areas. Among our specialities is the squirrel control in London. We carry out an initial visit to assess the problem you have on your premises. In our assessment report we will advise the course of action and treatment required in order to devise a method for squirrel control within your property.
Initially we will inspect your property and propose to you the most beneficial way to deal with your squirrel problem, including the removal of squirrels from their nesting places. Our squirrel control in London service includes and operates in all areas of London and the surrounding districts.

Life Cycle

Grey Squirrels nests look similar to bird nests and can easily be mistaken for such. These are normally constructed from twigs and foliage. At time they have been known to make their nest in loft-spaces. The grey squirrel has 2 reproduction cycles per year. The female gestates her offspring for 45 days prior to giving birth the litters are normally 3 – 4 in size. The first of the litters are born during February and March. The second being during the months of June and July; the young normally stay in the nests and are weaned for approx 8 to 10 weeks.


Although the grey squirrel is now far more prevalent than the rust coloured squirrel; both feed on budding tree shoots, flowers and fruit growing on your property. In the autumn they collect acorns and nuts, then hide them in the hollows of tress or bury them in the ground. They consume their harvest during the winter months. They generally feed on the ground, although they are able to climb trees at an alarming rate, they have the tendency to displace the indigenous red squirrel. Being more aggressive the have virtually taken over in most areas of forests whenever they have come into contact with each other. Contact us if you have a problem our squirrel control in London teams are at your disposal to solve your problems ant amazingly attractive rates.

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