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Moth control London

At this time of the year is when moths are most active. They and their eggs and larvae are so tiny that they can easily be missed; especially if you have carpets that contain a large amount of wool within its fabrics. If you feel that you may have reason to believe that you have a moth infestation, it is all important to act quickly, as they can decimate expensive clothing and carpets. London Pest Control Solutions are able to provide safeguard and provide moth control within your home or business.

There are various and different methods of moth control and treatment, also the most beneficial times that these can be carried out; with the best effects. Call us and we will advise how we are able to assist with moth control and their banishment from you premises. And information of all the comprehensive services that are available through our company.
Our moth control and elimination service is available in all areas of London and Greater London.

The various species of moths found in the UK

There are approximately 800 various species of moths throughout Britain, and many more that have been listed in the British Isles. It is fortunate that the pesticides that we utilise for moth control and the eradication of them are effective on all species found here.
Some Moths you may encounter

  • Common House Moth
  • Case bearing Clothes Moth
  • White shouldered House Moth
  • Indian Mill Moth
  • Tropical Warehouse Moth

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