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Flea control in London

By contacting London Pest Solutions we will offer you a flea control in London fumigation service which will ensure that all the Fleas are eliminated in a single visit by our qualified technicians. We carry out a complete process including floors, fabrics and upholstery as we feel is essential. We apply the most advanced insecticides available which include an additive that affects their hormone structure ensuring that their life-cycle is broken and the complete eradication of the infestation. Our technicians will advise that the room or rooms must be vacated for a minimum period of 4 hours once the procedure has been carried out.

Siphonaptera or flea as its more commonly known; is a wingless insects with a mouth that has evolved enabling it to pierce the skin of its host and feast on their blood, adult fleas survive totally on the blood of their hosts, which includes bats (a winged mouse like creature, many birds, especially pigeon, house pets and of course us humans. I fact any mammal that has hair or fur can carry around these unwanted parasites. By contacting our flea control in London service, we quickly solve your flea problem.

Fleas are tiny 1.5 to 3.3 mm in length, with very quick reactions, they’re generally a dark brownish colour, for example, the reddish-brown especially those found on household pets. They are a wingless insect its mouth is tube shaped which is perfectly adapted enabling them to feast upon the blood of their victim. They have long legs, the legs on the back are used for leaping; a flea is able to leap vertically up to eighteen cm and horizontally up to thirty-three cm. This amazing feat is more 180 times greater than the length of their body, establishing them as one of the foremost leapers of all well-known insects Before feeding their body is flat allowing them to easily move through hair, feathers and fur of their of their host’s body, or on humans, under their clothing.

There are many DIY preparations for treating your pets…but to be certain that they are eradicated completely from your home; then it is advisable to call our flea control London.

Fleas lay minute whitish egg-shaped eggs which are easier seen using a microscope or a magnifying glass. The larva of a flea is also very tiny and a pale cream colour, it has minute bristles over its caterpillar like body, at this stage they are sightless their mouths is largely used for chewing. The larva feeds on a varied diet of organic matter, in particular the faeces of adult fleas; unlike the adults which feeds only on fresh blood. During the pupae stage, the larva is encased in a silky cocoon which is disguised with surround debris.

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