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Pest proofing service

London Pest Solutions provides a varied solutions of Pest Proofing Services that will assist in preventing damage caused to property by different pests these can also be combined with our Pest control techniques, both ensuring that any future pest intrusion is stopped or at very least controlled..

The most effective way to guard against an infestation and have a pest proofing on your property is to ensure that it is in good state of repair, no nooks and crannies where pests are able to enter. We are extremely experienced in this field and able to give advice on the best possible solution once we have assessed the property and the possible problems that may occur. We shall submit a detailed written pest proofing quotation, pointing out the areas that could be susceptible to pest intrusion and how this can be best controlled.

Some of the answers to your pest problems:

  • Fine nylon mesh screens
  • Waste water and drain covers
  • Electronic Insect zappers
  • Rodent proof waste containers
  • Sealing off apertures in doorways, windows, flooring and any likely points that pests may be able to enter.

We will additionally give a Following an unbiased appraisal concerning your ongoing house-keeping and management of waste, our professionals that attend to your property will also suggest the best ways to amend your procedures and assist in preventing possible pest infestation in the future. Call us today and enquire about our pest proofing solutions.

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