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Rat control London

London Pest Solutions are London’s leading supplier in assessing, dealing and preventing rat from returning to your home and business. Our rat control in London has been proven to be effective and at very reasonable rates. We concentrate in firstly locating their habitat and then completely eliminating them from your premises. If you are experiencing a problem with rats whether you just see one or two, it’s probable that there is an whole family located within the boundaries of you premises. You will have several options; do nothing, find a contractor to deal with the problem or contact the number one company in London with the expertise and know how to eradicate them once and for all from your property.

Having rats within or living near to your premises is reason enough to contact our rat control in London department. Rat can be a serious problem as they can transmit numerous diseases such as Weil ’s disease, cholera and typhus and at times have been know to carry even the bubonic plague which is better known for its devastating effect through-out the entire of Europe during the middle ages. Weil’s disease is particularly harmful as it comes from their urine contaminating water and foodstuffs. Traces have even been found in puddles of rainwater in a garden where children had been playing. Apart from food and water contamination; they have even been the cause of fires, where they had chewed through electrical cables.

We have numerous methods of rat control in London; initially we would visit your premises, evaluate and assess the extent of the possible infestation. Then submit a written report and our competitive quotation.

The two species that are likely to be encountered are the common house rat, Rattus Norvegicus, or the Norway rat. They are omnivorous, meaning they will eat almost anything and are known to be very aggressive and exceptionally intelligent. They are able to adapt very quickly to differing environs and are capable to reproduce at an alarming rate. Which if you find any evidence that you may have them on your property; it is all important that you contact our rat control London team as soon as possible.

Rats live mostly where there is ample food supply. They are very destructive and will gnaw on almost anything to trim their front teeth.
Rats anywhere are a problem, but when it comes to your household or establishment the problem is now more personal and can be a serious health hazard to you and your family. For businesses such as restaurants, grocery stores even green grocers. Rats do not discriminate; where there is refuge and an plentiful source of food and water; rats can and will make it their home.

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