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Mice control London

If you are having a problem with a mouse infestation in your London premises and require an experienced and professional mice removal service in London to deal with the situation, or want to stop them from getting into your home or business premises, our mice control in London can assist.
London Pest Solutions is the premier company in all areas of London. We assess the extent of the problem and carry out specialised treatments that will eradicate them and discourage them from returning. Contact our mice control in London service.

Description and Appearance of a House Mouse

  • Their complete length is between: 70 – 90mm.·     Average weight: is normally 23g (average 15 – 18g·     Length of back legs: 16 – 19mm
  • Brownish grey fur, with lighter under-parts.
  • The common household mouse has large ears, with pointed nose; the tail is approx a quarter of the total length of its body.


  • Sexually developed at: 18 – 12 weeks.
  • Gestation period: 17 – 20 days.
  • Litter size (average): 5 – 6.
  • Weaning period: 3 weeks.

Habits & Behaviour

  • Mice are commonly live underground in small rabbit like borrows in gardens; they are encountered close to human dwellings. And make their nest where they are unlikely to be disturbed, such as wall cavities where they are able to have accesses to the roof and under floorboards of their chosen building.
  • Can also be found in open fields especially where cereals are or have been growing. Their tunnels can be quite considerable having many entrances and numerous exits.
  • Mice are omnivorous, preferring to feed grains and small insects. They can consume about 3grm of food and 3ml of water daily particularly if their diet is dry, but normally they are able to exist with no further need of any liquids.
  • Mice are generally active at night, but can be seen foraging for any edible substances during the daytime especially when colonies get overly inhabited.


  • Look for tiny especially if there is evidence of soiling around the holes, excrement and obnoxious odours for this is a typical sign that a structure is perhaps being utilised as a run.
  • They are subjected to continual pest control this is attributable to the damage they are able to produce, not to mention the ability to contaminate food stuff and spread many types of bacteria and diseases.
  • Similar to rats, they’re regarded to be about the most wide spread mammals on the planet.

If you find any evidence that mice have invaded you home or business contact our mice control London unit without delay and we will very quickly solve the problem; at exceptionally competitive rates.

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