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Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs Described

So what is a bedbug? Everybody has heard about it. They are basically tiny insects that feed at night and feed from our blood there are many varieties that include some that feed off other animals. But we are writing about the Cimex lectularius and these, most definitely prefer human blood. They are rust coloured approx 5mm long oval shaped similar to an apple pip. Before they feed they are flat, but become engorged with blood and then swell up. Their habitat is inside mattresses and the seams, but they are also able to hide in very small crevasses and cracks. They are able to travel up to 20 meters from their hiding place. Other reasons why they are difficult to locate. Normally they will feed for about five minutes, first they inject an antithetic so you do not feel them feeding, it is only when this wear off that you feel an itch and will see where they have been on your body. Normally they feed about every 5-6 days, but can also live without feeding for many months and even longer, depending on their habitat.

Bedbugs can reside in many places, as previously mentioned they can travel long distances to feed. But mostly they will stay close to their food source. And make there hiding places close to bed areas and near where people sleep. They have been located in many obscure places such as furniture, spines of books and even in telephones.

Will bed bugs do me harm?

Bedbugs are not harmful to our health, but of course their bites are very itchy and can cause a skin irritation and inflammation, if you are unfortunate and they have bitten you several times, this may result in a rash. Of course the amount of bites will depend on the extent of the infestation. More bugs equals more bites. Once you have them in your home, it is imperative that the problem is dealt with. As they will not leave, but just multiply until it become a serious infestation.

Why are there bed bugs in my home?

Because you or one of your family members or possibly a visitor to your home has unwittingly brought them. There are also many ways that they will first inhabit you home. Here we list some of the most common reasons.

  • If you live in an apartment, the bugs are so minute that they are able to crawl through the tiniest of places, possibly even through cracks in the walls, or even come up through the flooring our technicians will be able to help or advise you if this is the case.
  • Travelling on public transport, whether it is a taxi, bus, train or even aircrafts. There are many reports of hotels being infested by them. And not only hostels, but even expensive 5 star hotels. Bed bugs do not discriminate, be it ‘O’ or ‘A’ plus or negative blood types, they drink it all. Bed bugs are normally carried home from your holidays hidden in your luggage, or clothes that have been laid in your hotel room. These are brought home with you.
  • Second-hand furniture or garments, These are most common, occasionally there could be bedbugs hidden in them. They do not only exist in beds, but anyplace close to wherever people sleep. Whenever you buy second-hand items and bring them into your home that may be when you brought them into your premises.

Can I know if bedbugs are in my household?

  • A difficult question, as they are very difficult to spot, you will only know once they start to feed on you. Being very tiny and they normally just come out at night. But there are some signs that you should look for.
  • Bedbugs produce waste that is more difficult to conceal. The evidence you may see, are brown spots on your bedding that is probably dried blood, faeces, larvae and the remains of those that have died. look closely along the seam of your mattress and furniture adjacent to your bed.
  • The evidence that they have fed on you; there will be numerous red itchy swellings on your body..Rarely are bedbugs caught actually feeding, as they come out when you are asleep, and only bite for a few minutes. Besides before they start to feed, they inject an anaesthetic, the irritation will only be felt once they have left you and the effect wears off.
  • Where they hide; Look in the areas that they are likely to hide. Of course as previously mentioned, the seams of mattresses, bed linen, blankets and any other place they may be able to hide. You are unlikely to find any live bugs.
  • One very good tip is applying some double sided adhesive tape on the four sides around your bed and along the seams o your mattress. Leave it there for a couple of days; if you have bed bugs, they’re likely to become stuck to the tape.

Treating an infestation is typically an extended inspection of your household, concentrating in the bedroom. Our professional will need to look in all the areas that they’re likely to be concealed and will apply assorted chemicals.

Having called Pest Control London. What do I need to do?

You are able to help in insuring that the area that our professional pest control team will be treating is cleared of any clutter, especially adjacent to the bed area. We will be searching in these areas for them. Remember, they have the ability to conceal themselves into little fissures and cracks. Take all the bedclothes from your bed and be sure to launder all of them, blankets and duvets especially, use a hot cycle wash. Include any personal clothing that’s possibly been near your bed or on the floor and wash these. If it is difficult to wash some items then use a dryer on hot cycle for at least 15 minutes. Be sure to place all cleaned items into sealed plastic bags.

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