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There’s No Hiding Place!

Bed bugs have lately reared their insatiable minute heads in all forms of public transport, cinemas, theatres, aeroplanes, apartments, clothing stores and hotel rooms.

There seems there’s no getting away from these voracious blood sucking parasites

They were mostly eliminated in the developed world by the early 40′, but since the mid 70’s the situation worsened in the mid-nineties.

They are now enjoying a unwanted revival. Reasons for which are confusing, but is in general thought that it is as a result to the world ban on the effective chemical DDT, as yet there is no chemical with the same potency. And of course the explosion in world travels.

Being difficult to find and usually come out of hiding at night. They generally feast while you’re sleeping. Whenever you awaken during the night and encounter bugs on or in your bed, do not crush them, alternatively a live sample in a zip type freezer bag and have it identified by Pest Control London.

There are many editorials claiming that maybe we are becoming obsessed with the problem. That simply is not true. It seems the only avenue you have is to make sure you don’t inadvertently bring some of these unwanted guests into your home is to enshroud yourself and baggage in a bio-hazard suit whenever you leave your home.

You may be among the many thousands that have an infestation problem. You can try to use a home remedy. But apart from being rather expensive, they are mostly ineffective, you may merely wipe out the ones that you find and naturally in a couple of weeks they have once more multiplied to probably more that you started with.

Once you know you have a problem, unfortunately, there’s simply one course of action to ensure a bug free household is to contact a professional pest control company. They have the experience and specialised equipment. Using volatile chemicals can be extremely harmful in the wrong hands. Whilst professional assistance can be costly, but you will rest assured that they will do a thorough job; they will come to appraise the problem, decide the chemicals required to treat your problem. After a few weeks they will come and inspect to be sure that the bugs are gone for good.

The process normally takes about 24 hours, but naturally this depends on the seriousness of the infestation and its location within the premises.

Bedbugs do not just stay in the bedroom; the fact is that once they have found a comfortable location with plenty of food…in your bed. They will stay until one female decides to travel to a different area. There’s no definitive justification for the bugs sporadic inclination to leave an established refuge and move to a new location. According to bed bug expert at Pest Control London, bedbugs may establish new colonies depending on the amount of warmth and carbon dioxide.

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