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Guests bitten by Bedbugs at a 5 star hotel

Recently it was reported that a hotel guest and his wife staying in an exclusive Hyde Park five star hotel suffered hundreds of bites from what they described as bedbugs. Unfortunately for the hotel their guest was a lawyer from New York! Who is now filing an action against the hotel.

It simply shows that no one is resistant from being exposed to these indiscriminate parasites.

Bedbugs, some facts

 Just five millimetres long and virtually flat before feeding, bedbugs are able to conceal themselves in just about anywhere without being discovered. Bedbug colonies can be observed in creases and crevices or even the spine of books. Their flattened shape makes them really hard to discover. They are able to travel from city to city and country to country, simply by their ability to conceal themselves inside our luggage. Bedbugs are able to conceal themselves well on clothes and used articles of furniture.

Experts have concluded travelling represents the leading reason for the revival of bedbugs. Serious bedbug infestations are taking place in many popular destinations.

The ability of bedbugs to travel so easily and with a extraordinary ability to set up and

Sustain colonies. These bugs can detect mates very quickly attributable to the discharge of pheromones. The female is capable of laying five eggs each 24 hours and can typically lay many hundreds during the year. Successive generations achieve reproduction age in 4-6 weeks, an individual egg-producing bug and her young may produce a colony of many thousand during 6 months. Our Pest Control expert affirms that a bedbug colony whenever it is left unaddressed will become a serious infestation very quickly.

Having read the above, the question remains. What you must do if you think you that have a bedbug problem in my home. You can of course try to tackle the problem yourself. But, if you’re genuinely in earnest of eliminating them. Then you should contact us at Pest Control London.

Some preparations needed prior to our technicians arriving to your home, you should where possible clear away any clutter especially close to bed. This will make the procedure faster and more effectual.

Don’t place anything into sealed bags. The bugs can re-infect your house once the bags are opened.
When the treatment has been completed, you will be required to exit your home for about three hours. This permits the chemicals we have applied to evaporate it will then be safe to return.

Inform us prior to the procedure if there are pets in your home in order that we don’t use any chemical that may cause harm.
Following our procedure, you may have the occasional bite. This is normal and only means that some of the bugs were hidden during the procedure and will now be unprotected and die from the residual effects of the chemicals. The chemical stay potent for about ninety days.  This also means any eggs that could hatch afterwards will also die.

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