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Guests bitten by Bedbugs at a 5 star hotel

Recently it was reported that a hotel guest and his wife staying in an exclusive Hyde Park five star hotel suffered hundreds of bites from what they described as bedbugs. Unfortunately for the hotel their guest was a lawyer from New York! Who is now filing an action against the hotel. It simply shows that no one is resistant from being exposed to these indiscriminate parasites. Bedbugs, some facts  Just …Read More

Sharing Bed bugs with your fellow travellers

One very worrying aspects when travelling are the possibilities of bedbugs being transferred and spreading through personal baggage on aircraft. Numerous examples have been experienced and documented where bedbugs have been detected on aircraft. Just recently a British Airways passenger apparently was bitten 90 times while travelling from Los Angeles to London and again when travelling from Bangalore to Heathrow. Either she is very unlucky, or extremely tasty! All joking …Read More

Bedbugs without preference or Borders

The summer of 2013 and the bedbug season is with us and it appears to be another ‘lousy’ year, pest control London reported. Bedbugs are becoming more difficult to eradicate and are showing up in many surprising locations. Perhaps you think you already know about bed bugs. When you are travelling, you inspect your hotel bed carefully, and you probably always place your baggage on the luggage shelf. Regrettably, this …Read More