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Wasps control London

If you are having a trouble with wasps in your garden or perhaps they have even made hives within areas of your building. We have a specialised team that are experienced in wasp control London
whenever you are seeking a wasp control in London company to handle your problem with a wasps nest, or you would like to stop wasps from invading your property; our wasp control department is able to assist.

Firstly we’ll inspect your property to appraise the extent of the infestation and propose to you the most effective method of addressing the problem. We have specialist personnel who are highly experienced in wasp control and how to eradicate them form your premises. Our company operates through out the whole of London.

Treating a wasp’s nest can be very painful if you do not have the clothing and experience to deal with them; multiple wasp stings can be hazardous. London Pest Solutions are experienced in exterminating and clearing wasps call our wasp control in London department and very soon we can have cleared them from your property

During the summertime they are very active increasing the size of the nests, they quickly grow and will comprise of several thousand of wasps; most are able to give a very unpleasant sting. The removal of their nests shouldn’t be dealt with by anyone without experience and the correct clothing. They become extremely hostile if they are interrupted and are likely to swarm about the nest, this makes the removal of them quite hazardous in enclosed areas, especially if they have made their nests in the attic

London Pest Solutions use only professional methods of dealing with wasp control in London; specially prepared insecticide powder or sprays to demolish the nests and ensure they do not return.
Many thousands are stung each year by these aggressive insects. In many cases, they have caused an allergic response to the venom and in isolated cases even caused the demise of the victim.

They are believably the most well-known and commonly dreaded of all insects found in the British Isles; they should only be dealt with by professionals who offer wasp control in London. The wasp’s distinctive yellow and black markings they are easily identified. The worker wasp is about 10 to15 millimetre long, the queen being lager approx 20 millimetre; both posses’ two pairs of wings that normally are locked and can appear as one. The female being the most aggressive and the only one that is capable of inflicting a sting; the barb that holds the venom is located at the very end of their body.

Numerous species of wasp live in Britain, the most usual is the Vespula vulgaris; know more generally as the common wasp. There are also the Vespula germanica which as the name indicates originated in Europe. Each of the species constructs their habitat under the ground or use crevices found in walls, trees and different sections of constructions.

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