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Bird and pigeon control in London (spikes and netting)

Bird restraint and deterrent Services

London Pest Solutions Ltd are the United Kingdom’s specialists at combating the problems related to the nuisance and mess that birds of all kinds cause to our buildings in London. Apart from being very unsightly it may in addition be a health risk particularly in certain locations such as the high street, office buildings, shopping precincts and railway stations.

We work with many building facilities managers to create the most effectual, discreet and harmless techniques of taking away these nuisance birds from all areas that they inhabit. We possess some of the most skilful and professional operatives for bird control London and municipal areas. They are able to render a comprehensive solution to solve your problems with pigeons, seagulls and any other birds.

If you are having problems with pigeons or seagulls; we have the experience to deal with it. We have many satisfied clients that have benefited from our pigeon control London; we have worked on every category of structures wherever birds may roost, or make their nests. We can enclose entire roof and parapets of any construction and storage buildings with virtually invisible netting, bird preventative wires, strong plastic spikes and in some occasions we have employed the use of low voltage electrical barriers, ensuring that they do not settle on your building.

If you have seagulls fouling your building, this also is not a problem to us utilising our bird control London we are able to apply various methods to dealing with them; from installing a prohibitive barrier to preventing gulls from making their nest or perching on roofs, to anti-gull spikes or low voltage electrical system that will discourage them from landing. At the same time we will remove the muck they have produced, causing immeasurable damage by preventing guttering and downpipes from clearing rainwater, this causes the guttering to overflow creating unsightly stains and in some cases, even damp penetrating the walls.

We will formulate the finest and most cost-efficient answer for your building to prevent pigeons and other nuisance birds from settling and fouling your building and deter them from returning.

High pressure cleaning service

Once we have cured the problems with birds with our bird control London. This is the time when your property will most definitely need cleaning. London Pest Solutions also specialises in high pressure washing of buildings of any size and in all locations of London. In virtually cases we would recommended that the areas that have been fowled by the birds is cleaned by our pressure washing service prior to applying our pigeon control London measures.

Our pressure washing service covers most surfaces that are required to be cleaned periodically such as: exterior masonry, driveways and paths. By contacting us we can discuss a wide range of high pressure washing and cleaning.

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