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There’s No Hiding Place!

Bed bugs have lately reared their insatiable minute heads in all forms of public transport, cinemas, theatres, aeroplanes, apartments, clothing stores and hotel rooms. There seems there’s no getting away from these voracious blood sucking parasites They were mostly eliminated in the developed world by the early 40′, but since the mid 70’s the situation worsened in the mid-nineties. They are now enjoying a unwanted revival. Reasons for which are …Read More

Keep your home free of cockroach

Winged cockroaches in your home must be among the most loathsome occurrence that can befall you. They’re literally flying germs and carry disease. Cockroaches generally enter your homes for the single intent of survival. They require nutrients and a habitat survive and breed. This article will impart a few hints how you can deal with them when they enter your home or premises. The most elementary thing that you’ll be …Read More

Bedbugs without preference or Borders

The summer of 2013 and the bedbug season is with us and it appears to be another ‘lousy’ year, pest control London reported. Bedbugs are becoming more difficult to eradicate and are showing up in many surprising locations. Perhaps you think you already know about bed bugs. When you are travelling, you inspect your hotel bed carefully, and you probably always place your baggage on the luggage shelf. Regrettably, this …Read More