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Airline apologises after bedbug complaint!

An international airline apologised to a female passenger following a complaint that she had apparently been bitten by bed bugs, while travelling on their aircraft. The alleged incidents happened on two separate flights. The woman said that the first time she had been bitten was on a cross Atlantic flight to London last month. And once more a further incident occurred during a flight this month from India to London. The Airline in question has confirmed that it had removed the aircraft from service until an investigation to the alleged incident delivers its findings. The passenger commented on the incidents, said that they should sort this out using pest control.

The reported incident on a online version of a National Newspaper. The woman passenger, who resides in California, placed her account of the incident, with images of the apparent bedbug bites, on the World Wide Web. After she felt that she had received a minimal initial response from the airline. The reports placed on the Internet, she stated: “On the first flight, I turned on the overhead light to discover that bugs were crawling on my blanket and a bedbug-blood-spattered shirt. “On the return flight from India to London a journey of ten hours, to find my body covered with 90 bug bites I contacted Pest Control London, to see what advice they could give me. The most annoying part of the incidents was the fact that there was no response from the airlines customer service department, throughout the ten-day ordeal.”

The airline was reported to state whenever any report of this kind is received, we set in motion a exhaustive investigation and, if appropriate, withdraw the aircraft from service and utilise specialist companies to rectify the problem, such as, Pest Control Services London. “We have written to the young lady and apologised for the troubles she’s reported during her flights with us and assure her that we consider such accounts very seriously.”

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