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Bedbugs! Is your hotel room already occupied?

Bed bugs are staging a comeback throughout our hotels the United Kingdom, the increase in recorded complaints from hotel guests, are in their thousands and increasing daily.

The parasitic, bloodsucking insects, that are able to travel upon peoples garments and soft baggage. That bite and feed while their host is sleeping, have risen dramatically in the last decades according to pest control services professionals. A survey of reported complaints to councils establishes that the infestations are rising in many of the United Kingdom’s most favorite tourist locations. London being the worst hit, but other locations have and are suffering equally as much. From the southwest of England, to the northern parts of Scotland. Hotels nationwide seem to be affected from one degree to another.

In London at a respectable and well known hotel, two of their guests needed to be treated at an hospital, after suffering bedbug bites. One guest who sustained suspected septicemia following nights sleep and being bitten by bugs during the night.

Reported information furnished from various councils and Pest Control London. One victim of these parasites was awakened during the night only to find herself with between 45 and 80 swollen and itching spots.

Last year bedbug complaints had doubled, with a fifty percent additional requests for investigations to be carried out, on aircrafts, trains and buses. Experts agree that increases in worldwide travel and mild climate are mostly the cause for the revival.

Bed bugs lead a vampire-like existence, invisible by day, and emerging by night to feed on blood. Paying premium rates to stop at an pricey hotel, you still take a chance on finding uninvited guests in bed with you.

You can not be sure whether an hotel room has them because it is clean. The bugs are able to survive anyplace there are crevices for them to hide in.

Estimates now show that complaints from 4 and 5 star hotels have increased dramatically during the last decade. Numbers of reported infestations in hotels throughout Britain has increased by 45 percent each year since 2005.

London and other major UK cities have been badly hit, with hotels and offices being forced to close for disinfestations.

Whenever you are sleeping someplace different than house, beware. Bed bug preponderance is rising, and hotels are one of their preferred haunts.

These parasitic pests can cause severe itching and welt-like bites. And they are very costly to eradicate them from your home once they have taken residence there. Some researchers have even suggested that they can cause anxiety and social isolation.

According to Pest Control London, infestation by bed bugs is rife – and getting worse. In Britain, the company has seen a 45 per cent increase in bedbug callouts last year, a representative of the company has put it down to air travel

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