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Cockroaches Friend or Enemy?

Lately roaches featured in a news program in a favourable light when a popular zoological garden proposed on St Valentine’s Day to allow you call a roach after your truelove for a small fee.

This triggered a rash of newspaper articles about the tiny pest to a degree that one may be justified to state that we, the public, have acquired a mellowing in our dislike for the previously infamous insect. Has the lifelong hatred and dislike of roaches been merited? Are we tired for a reason, or ought we to permit the cockroach to be exonerated from its public enemy position.

A celebrated academe entomologist the cockroach is the bearer of more than fifty bacteria and diseases. It is besides a scavenger which tends to indiscriminately scour floors and work surfaces searching for everything and anything that it can find to feed upon. Cockroaches can be found in copiousness where unhygienic areas exist, such as refuse bins.

They establish themselves into restaurants and food markets, entering through fissures and cracks then make their way into paper carrier bags and other packing. These are one of the ways that cockroaches find their way into dwellings.

Cockroaches carry an assortment of pathogens and bacteria during their jaunts throughout our garbage. These pathogens cling to their legs and are distributed as they crawl over worktops, shelves and different surfaces in the premises. Therefore perhaps a roach can not be faulted for directly transmitting disease.

Anybody who consumes a sandwich that has been laid on a kitchen worktop, which perhaps only minutes previously these disease transporting insects had scampered, could find themselves consuming food poisoning bacteria such as salmonella, Escherichia coli and many other germs. As for roaches and whether or not their hateful repute is merited. It’s for you to decide.

But if like me, even after writing this, you think that cockroaches have no place in our homes and should stay in the zoo.

Where would they live in my home? Cockroaches are active mostly at night they pass the daytime concealed in crannies, fissures and close to areas such as sink units, waste pipes, behind cooking appliances, baseboards, ducts and refrigerator. They’re nocturnal, so are mainly active at nighttimes or once it is dark. Some of the signs that you may have a family of roaches living with you could include a peculiar odour, minute cigar-shaped droppings, not unlike mouse droppings, only much tinier and dead cockroach carcases.

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