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Bed Bugs at your local cinema?

Now, it appears that London’s bed bugs are turning their scratchy and itchy focus on your cinemas and theatres. Last week, a cinema in South London was closed because many of its patrons complained that they had been bitten by bugs. The cinema manager called in Pest Control London to investigate. Their initial report was that there was clear evidence that many of the seats were in fact infested by …Read More

Bedbugs without preference or Borders

The summer of 2013 and the bedbug season is with us and it appears to be another ‘lousy’ year, pest control London reported. Bedbugs are becoming more difficult to eradicate and are showing up in many surprising locations. Perhaps you think you already know about bed bugs. When you are travelling, you inspect your hotel bed carefully, and you probably always place your baggage on the luggage shelf. Regrettably, this …Read More