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Bed Bugs at your local cinema?

Now, it appears that London’s bed bugs are turning their scratchy and itchy focus on your cinemas and theatres. Last week, a cinema in South London was closed because many of its patrons complained that they had been bitten by bugs. The cinema manager called in Pest Control London to investigate. Their initial report was that there was clear evidence that many of the seats were in fact infested by bed bugs. The cinema manager when asked about the outbreak was reported to state that obviously they had initially been brought in and that the problem had not been noticed for quite a while. Our priority is to deliver an enjoyable movie experience for our customers. We posses appropriate protocols in place to regularly and exhaustively inspect all of our cinemas and any that we suspect may require treatment is dealt with instantly. Obviously on this occasion it had gone unnoticed between our checks.

We managed to get some feed-back from pest control London on how they dealt with bugs.

Of course the cinema needed to close its doors, while the work progressed. Firstly the whole cinema required to be thoroughly vacuumed carpets and seating. Then all entrances and exits were completely sealed including ventilation ducting. Fumigation was then initiated and continued for the required time. To be sure that the bugs were completely eradicated, the area remained sealed for sometime. After the fumigation the whole area was ventilated and bug traps were placed in strategic places to see if any had survived. The cinema was then reopened. A further inspection was made a few days later and we found no bugs in the traps, nor could we find any physical sign of bugs.

Despite common misconceptions, having a bedbug crisis has in the least to do on whether your home is hygienically clean or not. It is simply misfortune.

You’ll be able to bring them home on your clothes or belongings and they’ll tag along and decide to move in with you and make your place theirs. It’s that hit-or-miss. With accounts of bedbugs growing in hotels, aeroplanes and even the London tube, the probabilities of carrying them into your household is rising.

We have experienced an escalation in cases of individuals bringing home bedbugs by purchasing used articles of furniture and clothing. Whenever you’re purchasing any, it is sensible to assure yourself that it is absolutely clear of any bugs prior to fetching it into your household.

Experts and scientist collectively the world over are scratching their heads. Not because they have been bitten by these pesky bedbugs, but to find an effective remedy in dealing with them without using the banned DDT. But until then, you may contact Pest Control London to assist you in eradicating them from your premises.

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