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Bed Bugs at your local cinema?

Now, it appears that London’s bed bugs are turning their scratchy and itchy focus on your cinemas and theatres. Last week, a cinema in South London was closed because many of its patrons complained that they had been bitten by bugs. The cinema manager called in Pest Control London to investigate. Their initial report was that there was clear evidence that many of the seats were in fact infested by …Read More

Bed Bugs, are becoming an increasing problem, why?

Bed bugs are small rust coloured parasites that thrive by drinking our blood and that of other warm blooded mammals. They derive their name from their favourite living places: mattresses, but they also like pillows, sofas and other soft furnishings. Bed bugs being mostly nocturnal and seem to feed more at night. While their bites can itch, bed bugs are more of a nuisance than a health hazard. Although their …Read More