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Bed Bugs, are becoming an increasing problem, why?

Bed bugs are small rust coloured parasites that thrive by drinking our blood and that of other warm blooded mammals. They derive their name from their favourite living places: mattresses, but they also like pillows, sofas and other soft furnishings. Bed bugs being mostly nocturnal and seem to feed more at night. While their bites can itch, bed bugs are more of a nuisance than a health hazard. Although their excrement and shell casing can aggravate asthma suffers.

Reasons are still transcendent to public health experts; certain cities across the North Americas, Australasia, Europe and African continent have witnessed an explosion in bed bugs in recent years, according to a renowned author, of a prominent information source for the pest control industry. It is probable that, increase intercontinental travel and the increasing requirement for used furniture and clothing may in someway be a governing factor in the resurgence of bed bugs. But the most probable cause is the rejection of DDT and other unpleasant insecticides compiled of chlorinated hydrocarbons. it is proposed that the kinder, gentler pesticides obtainable today, in addition to a more conservative Pest Control London methods, such as employing bait traps for specified infestations rather than comprehensive, sporadic preventative sprays are more ineffectual at preventing and combating bed bugs and  other household pests. Advanced insecticides are showing to be fairly ineffectual in combating bed bugs, he reports, adding that insects are able to acquire a degree of immunity to insecticides.

As a result to the prolific bedbug infestation, in many cities. Charitable organisations such as Goodwill, will now not accept old mattresses, sofas or other soft furnishing. The public should be mindful of buying restored or second hand mattresses and article of furniture. Buying brand-new mattresses could arrive at your home already infested, particularly if they were delivered with transport that may have contained previously used mattresses that new purchasers wish to dispose. If possible transport your new mattress yourself. And be sure when you bought it it had been securely protected in a sealed plastic covering. This will ensure that the likelihood of receiving an infested item is minimised and you are less likely to bring home unwanted guests.

The advantages of not implementing the use of insecticides such as  DDT any longer, is the revival and survival of many species of wildlife, as their diet can consist of poisoned insects and small mammals (pest). Even fish were not immune as the poisons would seep into the ground and eventually end up in streams and rivers and of course into humans that ate the fish.  The wide use of such toxins in the environment during the latter half of the 20th century. DDT had adverse effect especially to birds, their eggs and hatchlings. In conclusion, since DDT had a lot of negative and harmful effects, it was later banned in most countries


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