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London, number one choice for Bed bugs?

Why London is the number one spot for relocating bedbugs? Needless to what most people think of our weather, it seems to be the perfect climate for bedbugs to thrive and multiply to a staggering level. The continued migration for the US and many other destinations is making London the preferred location for these nocturnal blood sucking parasites.

The warmer and humid climate that we have experienced in recent years has meant that the bedbug population has increased dramatically and is now spiralling out of control. This is primarily due to the fact that almost all insecticides have become for the most part ineffectual, since the bug has adapted to them and is now more resilient. The single main effective defence, DDT was banished internationally. Since then we have realised that the bedbug problems have increased.

An ordinary mattress might be contaminated by probably more than a million of these parasites, which are able to initiate bronchial asthma and other allergic reactions. It is anticipated that by the year 2040, the population of this bug will have increased by up to 800%, in the South East alone.

The South East has been particularly infested with these parasites. Arriving passengers from all corners of the world during the London Olympic, certainly has not helped, as the bugs hitched a ride in luggage and clothing.

The recent warm temperatures and humid conditions mean that the bedbug populations are expanding rapidly. Test results show that the key factor in the population explosion is humidity, but we have a long way to go before we find out exactly how these pests spread.

A Professor at a prominent university in Florida was reported to state; this bedbug epidemic is cause for concern. Bedbugs are a known trigger for everything from asthma to the year-round cold. If you have an old pillow on our bed, up to ten percent of the total weight could be from bedbug faeces.

Bedbugs are an unpleasant and obnoxious pest and amongst the most challenging to eliminate. Hygiene, deep cleaning does not stop them entering your home, this can only perhaps control their numbers. The application of a bedbug spray available form most Pest Control Companies can assist in the reduction of their numbers. There is just one sure way to eradicate them completely from your home and that is to employ a specialised pest control company.

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