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Jet setting Bedbugs come to London!

Bedbugs as in many countries are very prolific. The US and New York in particular seems to be more effected by these parasitic insects. As many cross Atlantic flights originate from NY and mostly land at Heathrow Airport. London is now playing host to an increasing amount of imported bedbugs and is bearing the brunt of these cross Atlantic stowaways. Bedbugs are a small flat, rust coloured insect. A fully …Read More

London, number one choice for Bed bugs?

Why London is the number one spot for relocating bedbugs? Needless to what most people think of our weather, it seems to be the perfect climate for bedbugs to thrive and multiply to a staggering level. The continued migration for the US and many other destinations is making London the preferred location for these nocturnal blood sucking parasites. The warmer and humid climate that we have experienced in recent years …Read More