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Safe ways to make your home pests free

It is a known fact that the majority of the pesticides to control pests are harmful both for children and adults and also for pets. Sometimes people do not realize that when they use pesticides they do not disappear straight away after spaying. The question is why not to try some useful tips which are harmless and non-toxic to pest control?
The advice is the following.

1. Do not invite pests inside.

Most of the pests including insects and mice like food and water. So,

  • Keep your kitchen clean
  • Regularly take out the garbage
  • Try to store all the food and drinks in tight containers
  • Fix all the leaky pipes and try not to leave pets’ food as this attracts cockroaches and other bugs.
  • Try to seal off the doorways where the draft can come through

2. You need to know your bugs

Any insect or spider can be called a bug. Specialist from Pest Control in London will help you to choose the right treatment to control pests. As some non-toxic treatments including diatomaceous earth or borax will do a good job on some pests but not the other ones.

3. Try to avoid chemicals as they often more expensive and harmful than non-chemicals

  • Fly swatter is very green to get rid of flies and other bugs
  • Vacuum cleaning is a good non-toxic way to get rid of some of pests
  • Traps, light traps, bait traps or pheromone traps and fly paper can help in eliminating bugs and rodents via non-toxic way

4. Try non-toxic treatment first in targeted areas as it is less costly

  • Soap is a successful remedy which have been using for years against ants. (2 tea spoons of castile soap (which is made from 100% olive oil) should be dissolved in a gallon of water, or for the same effect cayenne pepper and oil of eucalyptus can be used )
  • Borax or boric acid is another safe way which can help in eliminating cockroaches, silverfish and ants. (If you use sugar with boric acid the result can be amazing and a worth trying one against a whole colony of pests)
  • Diatomaceous earth is a good remedy which can help you to get rid of fleas

5. Usage of safer pesticides

  • If you decide to buy some pesticides please choose those which are lower in toxins than any other ones. For example organophosphates is more harmful than pyrethins and they even can be found in some production for pets.
  • Do not believe advertisements and slogans when they say something like: natural, eco-friendly etc. as natural poisoning can still poison.

6. Smart and minimum usage of pesticides

  • Do always read the instruction before and after using the pesticides.
  • It is better to dispose them in a safer and smarter manner as well and please do not simply throw them in the trash.
  • Do avoid areal sprays.
  • Foggers can be used as a last step only.
  • Do not use outdoor pesticides for indoors.

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