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How serious is Bed Bugs Bite?

Bed bug bites are quite unpleasant and itchy and may provoke infection when scratched. The bed bugs are fastidious eaters. They choose any part of the human body with good blood flow. Bed bugs actually becoming a problem when they become hungry and desperate for blood. As a fact, a bed bug can eat and absorb approximately seven times its own body weight in human blood.

The warmth of a nearby human body is exactly what does attract bed bugs but they cannot spot a food source that is in range of 5-10cm away. Bed bugs use their extremely developed mouthparts to bite the human skin and suck blood from him.

Feeding time of bed bugs can last between one to seven minutes. And they immediately move away to their hiding place after feasting to continue laying eggs.

The bites of Bed bugs can cause not only itchiness but also swollen rash. This rash does not cure fast and the bite of the bed bugs is more itchy and seriously than bite of mosquito.

A targeted person usually realizes that he has been treated by a bed bug only after he reveals the large welt in the affected place of his body. These welts finally develop into a small red mark that will remain for a minimum period of two to three days. A bite of bed bug can also be distinguished by the well-ordered way the welts are formed, unlike bites of mosquito that have a very random pattern. The treated area of a bed bug bite must never be disturbed by scratching in case to avoid infection. Remember to wash biten places immediately with soap and water.

A starving bed bug that is desperate for blood looks a lot more different compared to one that is quite fed. Young bed bugs or nymphs almost resemble the adult ones but with slight difference colour which is yellowish after moulting. A young bed bug can reach to a fully grown bed bug size for approximately one month depending on his eating frequency. They normally remain in their homes in between meals and are only leave if they are desperate to get food.

Bed bugs do act with sucking the blood but they typically are not connected to the transmission of any disease, unlike mosquitoes, which can transfer different diseases between people. So besides bed bugs are a very nuisance, they still do not pose a medical threat. The bites of bed bugs are not very serious. But there are some bed bugs who can get different infections of skin from scratching the bite of them.

You should always pay more attention to the bites of bed bugs on children. Usually small children do not control scratching an itching rising the risk of the skin infection.

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