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What to do if you have fleas in your house?

Judging by other people’s experience it can be said that flea problem can be treated in different ways. The most curious thing about it is that if something works perfectly in one household it does not mean that it is going to work in another one. For example fleas are found in the houses with pets and also the same problem can appear in the houses without pets. The most common thinking which is not always right is that the fleas die if there is no host or any human being for some time in the house. Sometimes, the fleas can appear in any house even if it was vacant for quite a long time. And one the most common cases when the fleas are killed they can reappear again.
There certain things which can be tried to get rid of fleas taking into consideration the fact that some approaches may work for you and some may not. The secret which not everybody knows about is that the fleas have a life cycle and with the help of which it can be explained why the fleas are so difficult to get rid of.

Why does the fleas’ life cycle matter? An adult flea has a very hard shell which protects them from crashing by a host. Adult fleas can jump from 3-6 feet in a bound and that is why it can be difficult to catch them and also they are good at hiding. Fleas always try to survive. And their secret lies in their life cycle. Only 5% of fleas are adults which can bite the host. Other 95% include not only eggs but also larvae or pupae which cannot bite but can move around. When we are trying to get rid of them we are actually getting rid of 5% of their population only and the remaining ones taking their time, mature and then start biting. To get rid of the fleas successfully means to get rid of adults, eggs and larvae and pupae. And only after that the house can be a flea free zone.

One year to wait? A common belief people have is that the fleas could not survive without hosts’ blood is true only for adult fleas, as they cannot survive without food for a few days unless they choose to hibernate for a month. Sprays are used as an effective method to kill the eggs but sometimes the second treatment is required. Each treatment can last from 1 to 4 weeks. Larvae are usually hidden in cocoons and can stay there for a year especially in colder times but the presence of warm blooded animals can shorten their life cycle.

Mice, rats and not only pets. This is not right to think that only pets can bring the fleas. Fleas can come from outside the example can be birds, bats, mice and rats. The professional exterminator will always pay attention to the rodents in the house first while starting eliminating the main problem.


People normally use sprays and bombs. Other remedies may include garden lime (or Diatomaceous Earth), sprinkling borax which can be spread onto the carpet and hovered later with the dead fleas. Another remedy can be Sevin which is a very recommended one for outside use only as it can cause ham to pets. The most popular method used to get rid of adult fleas at home is to take a light bulb over a small wading pool filled with water in the basement area. The fleas jump towards the heat source, fall into the water, and drown.

So, to be aware of the life cycle of the fleas is important which clarfies the situation how to deal with the such tough customers as fleas.

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