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Bedbugs! Is your hotel room already occupied?

Bed bugs are staging a comeback throughout our hotels the United Kingdom, the increase in recorded complaints from hotel guests, are in their thousands and increasing daily. The parasitic, bloodsucking insects, that are able to travel upon peoples garments and soft baggage. That bite and feed while their host is sleeping, have risen dramatically in the last decades according to pest control services professionals. A survey of reported complaints to …Read More

The infestation of Bedbugs in our homes increases

The United Kingdom is confronting an epidemic from bed bugs that could result in millions of households being infested. The amount of homes infested by these parasites has rocketed by almost a twenty-five percent in the past year only! The soaring infestation comes after an epidemic in the U.S.A., where the insects seem to be a bigger problem today than at any other time since the World War 2. Bed …Read More

Bed Bugs, are becoming an increasing problem, why?

Bed bugs are small rust coloured parasites that thrive by drinking our blood and that of other warm blooded mammals. They derive their name from their favourite living places: mattresses, but they also like pillows, sofas and other soft furnishings. Bed bugs being mostly nocturnal and seem to feed more at night. While their bites can itch, bed bugs are more of a nuisance than a health hazard. Although their …Read More

Bed Bugs, are they vampire of the insect world?

Bed Bugs they’re everywhere. And whenever we have them in our house, it is essential to know what they are and be able to recognise them if we suspect that we may have brought them home. Additionally and importantly, how we are able eradicate them. Data that you might come across describes what a bedbug is. A description of the parasite could help us to recognise them it from a …Read More

Airline apologises after bedbug complaint!

An international airline apologised to a female passenger following a complaint that she had apparently been bitten by bed bugs, while travelling on their aircraft. The alleged incidents happened on two separate flights. The woman said that the first time she had been bitten was on a cross Atlantic flight to London last month. And once more a further incident occurred during a flight this month from India to London. …Read More

Make your home protected with pest control specialists

If you are tired of pests, London Pest control specialists cah help you in this. The most common pest control services will help you to get rid of variety of insects, rodents and others, such as: Rats Mice Wasps Fleas Bedbugs Carpeet beetles Ants Cockroaches Birds etc. Report first to pest control London services. If you have a pest problem you need to contact one of your local pest conrol …Read More

Rats in London

A few facts about rats, which you should know. How to identify which rats I have? There are many different species of rats but the ones that you are most likely to confront are; what is known as the usual  Norway rat they commonly have dark-brown fur on they’re backs and have grey belly, at times their colour also can varies from a dirty white colour to dark grey. The …Read More